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dog training types

  We offer all types of dog training in Thessaloniki

dog preparation and presentation to morphology exhibition

  Showdog preparation - presentation

dog behavioral correction

  Behavioral correction.

dog training area near Salonica

  Clean, well-equipped dog training area in Thessaloniki

VIDogClub Personal and Academy dog training

A dog school where you will find a safe, comfortable, friendly environment, but most importantly, professionalism, deep knowledge and great experience.

Summer dog show handling camp 2023

For junior or adults that just want to know more about dog show handling.
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Dog training

dog training Thessaloniki

• Useful information about dog training . A dog school where you will find a safe, comfortable, friendly environment, but most importantly, you will find professionalism, deep knowledge and a great experience .
• Before you decide who you want to handle your dog's training make sure you are properly informed.
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Basic dog training

basic dog training - Salonica • With basic dog training the dog learns useful commands under the guidance of experienced dog trainers.

• Βasic dog training provides to the dog very important knowledge. Means that the dog learns how to communicate properly with owner and family, becomes social, remains under control even under stressful conditions, and becomes happy while abandoning any unwanted behaviors it had adopted in the past, probably due to a dull life, as he perceived it.


Dog behavior correction

dog behavior correction

• Sometimes dogs behave problematically towards other animals, children or their owners.

• The correct assessment as well understanding of the psychosynthesis of the dog with the help of experienced trainers are the keys resulting to the effective correction of dog behavior.


Presentation at dog show

Presentation at dog morphology exhibition

Preparing and presenting your dog at a morphology dog show.

We handle the preparation of your dog for the dog show in Thessaloniki or Athens. Learn how to participate at a dog show or if you prefare we will present the dog on your behalf in Greece or other country.


Dog training area

training area for dogs

• At V.I. Dog club Dog School you will find a clean, safe, excellently equipped dog training or relaxation area , regardless of whether your dog belongs to a large or small breed.

A great dog park near Thessaloniki with easy access and convenient parking.


Dog hotel

dog accommodation area

Dog hotel where we offer clean, comfortable, safe accommodation under shadow, combined with daily walks in a safe green area.

We also provide special dog care services when needed.


School of dog trainers

become dog training professional

School of dog trainers. Become a dog training professional learning from the most experienced dog trainers.

• With us through our programs of the school for dog trainers you will acquire all required knowledge, necessary techniques as well as secrets of dog psychology insuring that you can start safely your carier as a dog training professional .


Guarding dogs training

guard dog training

• Untrained dogs will often display a spontaneous and uncontrollable reaction if case if they have to protect people if of course they are considered by them as family.

They will do the same for their place or they will simply avoid the threat by running away from the danger. With us you will find a school where guarding dog training will provide to your dog all required knowledge and experience. It will learn how to properly identify a threat and how to react with emphasis on safety.


Dog socialization

dog socialization group walk

• When we refer to the term dog socialization we mean a process where under the supervision of experienced dog trainers the dog is having the experience of interaction with other dogs and people in a way that it learns to remain calm and behave properly.

Dog socialization is intended for puppies or adult dogs. Socialization training means more enjoyable but most importantly, safer socializing with other dogs or people.


Food refusal training

food refusal dog training

Training a dog to refuse food is a difficult aspect of training. Thanks to this training however, maybe one day his life will be saved.

With us food refusal training is offered for free if your dog attends any other training program in our dog school.


Our greatest expertise in training

our greatest expertise in dog trainingWe are training any dog breed, regardless if they are purebreds or not without discriminations or exceptions. However, having many years of experience close to Cane Corso, Rottweiler, French bulldog, we have the greatest expertise with them.

Is dog training necessary?

• The short answer from experienced dog trainers, especially if they come from a training school, is simple. If you love him, train him!

How do I choose the right professional dog trainer?

  • A dog training school definitely needs to follow certain rules on how to train dogs while maintaining protection conditions for the dog and its owner.

  • A good suggestion would be to carefully observe the attitude of the dog trainers in relation to the behavior of the animal before, during or after the training is completed.

  • After the second or third visit to the dog training area also pay attention to how your dog reacts when he understands that you are arriving together at the trainers area.

  • Dogs don’t fake not least if they were pressed, got strained or tired or worse, if they scared during the training process at the hands of dog trainers without the proper knowledge or character.

  • choosing a dog trainer should lead you to a proper experiened professional who will discourage violence in general while using reward for positive behaviors intervening with calm dynamic corrections whenever necessary. Please remember, correction in no way means hitting the dog but only redirecting or stopping him from an unwanted dog behavior. After all, dogs are quick to adopt positive behaviors if they perceive that such behaviors will result some kind of reward.

  • How you feel is also very important. A dog trainer may have years of experience or knowledge, but if you don't feel comfortable while working with them it would definitely be better to move on.

  • Perhaps a trainer can spot, analyze in detail or technical terms all your mistakes, however he must treat the owner with respect by explaining things in a simple understandable way. A parameter that every dog trainers school should teach to prospective dog trainers.

  • Visit the training area few times before you decide to start training your dog. Meet and talk to other dog owners, feel free to ask, learn more about the work of dog trainers you are interested in. Observe the dog's behavior during the lessons in the presence of the dog trainer or after they have been completed. See the truth.

  • A proper dog training professional must be constantly informed about newer methods, have the ability to properly adapt personalized modern training methods, without failing to apply important dog protection rules such as the condition of vaccination or deworming, with particular emphasis on younger dogs.

  • If even during your dog's training you feel that you made the wrong choice of dog trainer, do not hesitate to stop the lessons and move on.

  • More about us in the corresponding section.

What do I need to know before visiting a dog training school?

  • The first step before visiting the training area should be done, (if not already done), at the vet. Make sure your dog has had all the required vaccinations and has no other health issues.

  • The last thing you would want visiting a training facility would be to spread a disease to other dogs, or for your dog to acquire a disease.

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Why choose us?

Professional dog trainers

Experienced professional dog trainers . At VIDog Club we take care regarding our continuous training by always following up to date developments in the field of dog training. This is how we stay informed and able to always apply modern gentler, more effective ways of providing a high level of dog training.

Many years of experience on dog training

• Our many years of experience means that we are able, to offer effective dog training with spectacular results by applying the most suitable method

• During the training of your dog it will be very easy for you to notice how he gives up unwanted behaviors as he communicates better with you.

Specialized dog training programs at reasonable prices

• Like all poeople, every dog is different. We will carefully evaluate the character, possible needs or peculiarities, if any, before starting any dog training . Then we will discuss with you in order to choose together the appropriate program, the most effective method of approach, the time and place of training. As there are many different parameters the cost may change on a case by case basis.

Effective dog training

• The methods we follow during dog training will definitely have obvius and immediate results on your dog. In parallel you as a dog owner will learn along the way all that is needed in order to maintain this knowledge in combination with excellent communication with the dog.

Personalized approach

• Understanding that no dog has the same character, is a basic condition for any good dog trainer. With us you will find a dog training school where the method of approaching each dog regarding his training, preparation or accommodation is always properly personalized.

Positive customer reviews

• Reviews are a very important parameter for us as they come from our customers and help us to constantly plan and provide even better services. They are definitely very important for new interested dog owners and especially for their dogs.

For those of you who have seen our dog school and our work in person, please select the link below to leave your own review: Google reviews
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