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Lona Raujter Лавецкая Илона • Veronica Tilkeridou • Few words about us regarding our first steps, our course and our position today at the canine world.

Lona Raujter (Лавецкая Илона)

Lona Raujter with a tiger

• I was born in the Soviet Union while my parents were working in the Russian circus at the time.
From the very first years of my childhood I lived in a world where exotic as well as domestic animals were an integral part of everyday life.

• I learned how to live close to animals and loved them first in that world, where was considered normal for humans often to lack decent quality meals or some other related comforts, while at the same time was out of a question lack of plenty fresh raw meat for the tigers (like the one you see me stroking in the photo above), the lions or the cheetahs or the mountain of fresh fruit and vegetables for the elephants etc.

• It is nearly impossible to keep a tiger or a lion or a cheetah at home, yet amongst the animals in the circus there was never missing man's best, absolutely selfless friend, the dog.

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In the short (historical) video above you can watch:

basic dog training (presentation)

(date: 13-01-2009 || duration: 7m23s) by dog trainer Lona Raujter (00:00:01 to 00:03:10) and Veronica Tilkeridou at the age of 8 years (00:03:11 to 00:07:23)
Participation: Rottweiler and Eastern European Shepherd

Traveling with the circus.

• Traveling with the circus to almost all the then Soviet countries, observing, analyzing for years the incredible and endless possibilities of training and cooperation of wild or domestic animals, I decided to become professionally engaged in dog training.

Training in relation to good dog behavior

• Training, as well as civolized behavior of the dog in Soviet society, were essential conditions while in accordance with the spirit of the time dog training was entrusted to special army and police trainers, who organized regular seminars that anyone interested could attend.

My first steps in the dog world

• Through these seminars, I took my first steps in the world of dogs, learning with my first dog, an initially awkward Caucasian male shepherd. There I obtained a lot of valuable information on the subject of dog training, as during it in addition to my own dog I had the opportunity to deal with different characters of dogs that were belonging to others

• I came to Greece in 1994 where I started my own family, while at the same time I was involved in dog training almost from the beginning by first training a male Rottweiler. Huts quickly became a household name in the dog world as he won a large number of awards at various dog shows while staying with us for over fourteen wonderful years.

• In the years that followed (today more than 28), less the breeding of Rottweilers and more their training and later the training of almost all dog breeds has been for me a hobby and soon after professional activity.

• Today I run the dog training school and school for dog trainers under the name V.I.Dog Club Personal and Academy dog training, at Agia Paraskevi -Thessaloniki.


Lona Raujter during training of a guard dog

training a guard dog with Lona Raujter

Veronica Tilkeridou presentation at a dog show

Veronica Tilkeridou dog presentation

group dog training 2022 with Lona Raujter

dog training 2022
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