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Dog behavior correction

Corrective training for dogs is the only appropriate solution if you are dealing with problematic dog behavior of your dog is professional intervention with dog behavior correction from a dog trainer expert.

Dog behavior problems are a serious obstacle to his life in a human society. The only appropriate solution to problematic dog behavior is professional intervention with behavior correction by a specialist dog trainer.

• If your dog did not go through basic dog training at the appropriate age, he will likely develop problematic behaviors, perhaps even dangerous ones, making it difficult to live with him.

dog behavior correction

• The real difficulties regarding problematic dog behavior resulting in the need for professional correction usually begin when the dog reaches adulthood. Dogs behavioral issues can manifest in various ways such as soiling in the wrong places or destroying furniture as well as aggression by biting people for no reason.

• A dog is expected to develop bad behaviors usually after reaching adulthood. Such behaviors are most likely rooted in genetic characteristics, usually due to wrong choices of breeders or due to traumatic experiences that can lead the dog to develop phobias that appear for example when it is in certain places, near people, other animals or vehicles.

A little relevant teaching story

• An unforgettable personal experience was a rather extreme example. Ivan, a male Dalmatian (unbelievable?). When the dog reached me it was wilder than any exotic beast I had seen in the Russian circus.

• The owners of Ivan was a very nice family, however after the daily attacks combined with repeated bites of the family members, noise in the apartment as well as other suffering caused by the dog with his behavior, made the decision to euthanize him.

• Fortunately for everyone, with the intervention of veterinarian Nancy Tzivara (now a professor of veterinary medicine - University of Karditsa) who refused to euthanize a healthy animal, the dog was brought to me to attend dog behavior correction training, combined of course with basic dog training.

• It was obvious that the dog installed himself at the top of the food chain without knowing why, just following instincts, completely ignoring any form of civilized presence. He was allowed to form the mistaken opinion that he should constantly strive to become the leader of the pack.

• The dog was right though. This is how the chain of command works in a wolf pack. The point, of course, is that the dog did not live in a pack of dogs or wolves, but lived in an apartment with a human family. Right there the dog was facing a difficulty that would be impossible to overcome without correcting it with the appropriate professional intervention of a specialist dog trainer.

• For three whole days we couldn’t even discuss about any form of corrective dog training. The dog stubbornly refused to see anyone approaching him while he even refused food, growling menacingly every time someone approached his space.

• Then, as the instinct of self-preservation overcame that of dominance and the dog behavior correction with food reward began. The grunts gradually lessen until, through an absolutely effortless corrective training process of about 60 days, the problematic behavior subsided and the dog has returned to the family.

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dog behavior correction
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