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A beautiful dog hotel very small but with comfortable, clean and safe guest accommodation

Dog hotel at Thessaloniki

•At our dog hotel you will find a clean safe and comfortable accommodation for your dog during his training period in a shady green olive grove, but most importantly, with constant supervision as our residence is located on the same property.

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Dog hotel - directions to go?

• Very close to Thessaloniki, with quick easy access, and comfortable parking space.
• Contact us in time to ensure the availability of accommodation for your dog in Dog hotel.
- in the contact section you will find the relevant map (Google maps).

• A dog hotel with "V.I.P" orientation. It is mainly for dogs in training or after they have been trained with us as we have developed a good familiar relationship with them, however accommodation is occasionally available also to others provided they maintain good behavior in their interactions in a society of dogs so they can join to the rest of the visiting group. This restriction is due to the fact that the number of accommodation places in our dog hotel is very limited and it is intended to better meet the needs of each guest dog.

• The available dog accommodation places at VIDogClub hotel does not exceed 10. A number with a significant difference compared to other dog hotels as the majority of them have 20, 40 or more dog accommodations.

• We prefer to maintain only a minimum number of 10 dog accommodation places in our hotel so that we can dedicate real quality time to each guest dog individually.

dog hotel dog hotel with easy access at Thessaloniki

• With us, our guest dogs never stay permanently inside the dog accommodation places unlike dog hotels that have numerous accommodation places where it is natural and expected that this happens due to the time involved.

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• A dog hotel where a dog during his stay, in addition to participating in the school programs, will have the opportunity to go out for a walk at least twice a day in the also comfortable, green, safely fenced area intended for this purpose.

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• In our dog hotel each dog walks in the relaxation parks twice a day, at least for an hour each time.

• The daily ride time also depends on the current weather conditions. The dog in any case has the possibility to use the walking areas to play and relax or if he prefers he can return back to his clean - dry area where he lives.

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Dog hotel very close to Thessaloniki with limited number of accommodation places.

• In many cases, as long as the dog has a balanced character that manifests itself in a friendly behavior with a disposition to play while socializing with other dogs, it is considered suitable to be able to join a group of dogs that go out, play together, resulting in the best and highest quality release.


• An important advantage for a dog as within such a group he will have the opportunity to interact and socialize with other dogs.

• Through quality play with other guest dogs, supervised or if necessary with intervention by a trainer, in addition to the above, your dog durring his accommodation also benefits learning how to approach other dogs appropriately so that he does not develop tension or aggressive tendencies towards other dogs.

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