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By training the dog to refuse food, he is asked to resist a basic instinct, but remember that maybe one day this training will save his life.

training the dog to refuse food

• the service of training the dog to refuse food is provided free of charge as part of the basic training.

Food refusal training is an unpleasant but necessary dog training process

• Really unpleasant side of training, as the dog is asked to resist a basic instinct: food.

• Following basic procedures, the training of the dog to refuse food can be started at the initiative of the owner while the dog is three months old. Train him to refuse food.
Insist that he only eats what is allowed, only when allowed.

• Follow the basic rules below:

• We never feed the dog food while we are eating. We do not allow the dog to beg by showing him that it will not work no matter how hard he tries.

• We never allow anyone outside our family (stranger, neighbor or even friend) to feed the dog.
They almost always do it with love, but think about it, such a habit can cost the life of a beloved four-legged friend.

• He needs to know and execute the "leave it" command while at as young an age as possible.

• The dog must learn to allow us to remove any object he holds in his mouth (even a real bone) without reactions.

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