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VIDogClub Personal and Academy dog training • Lona Raujter • printable leaflet.

• Dog training.

• School for dog trainers.

• Preparation - presentation at dog show.

• Preparation - participation as handler at working dog exams, dog sports.

• Dog hotel.

• Dog training area.

Here you will find an ideal environment for your dog's training.

Serious, responsible approach, professionalism,
deep knowledge of the subject, and really great experience.

dog training

panoramic view of dog training ground
dog training ground
dog owners area
dog show handler
dog presentations at dog shows as handler

printable leaflet

Lona Raujter
VIDog Club Personal and Academy dog training
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14th Street Agia Paraskevi 57001 Thessaloniki Greece ☏ +30.693.753.8218 web:
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our rating on Google reviews:  4.6 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
dog sports dog work exams
dog behavior correction
dog hotel
the time of participation in a dog show
participating in a dog show as handler