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Dog show handling - presentations

My opinion on presenting a dog in a conformation dog show.

• If I had to give my opinion in a few words about the professional show dog handler, I would certainly say, as for any other profession, that in order to achieve the minimum one should has is the corresponding knowledge.

Veronica Tilkeridou with American Akita

• However, my approach to the subject of dog presentations at dog shows is based on one basic key point that I have no reason to hide from anyone, competitor or potential client. There is a long distance from having some knowledge on the subject to being able to apply it in practice resulting to successful dog handling at a morphology dog show.

• I am often asked "how come you can present the dog so differently? what makes you so special?

dog show presentation in front of dog judge

• My answer always remains the same: The "secret" is at the real contact with the dog, with an emphasis on analyzing the psyche of each animal and the way you perceive its psyche, but above all the ability to manage this perception.

presentation of dog at a Dog show

• If you manage to reach the point where you have fully understand the dog's way of thinking, its needs, its real feelings, then you manage without much effort to touch its soul. Only then will the dog follow you around the track without stress but with joy.

This little secret leads you to achieve an impressive result in dog presentation.

The technique of presenting dogs in a dog morphology exhibition or conformation dog show.

• The relevant knowledge of the technique involved in presenting dogs at dog shows is something that many possess or can relatively easily acquire.

• However, many find difficult to understand or even manage the skill of understanding the psychology involved in preparing and presenting a dog, a skill that is a very important factor in successful dog handling.


What is a dog show?

• For those of you who have never attended such an event, I will try to describe in a few words the importance of a conformation dog show or a dog morphology exhibition if you prefer.

• The dog show is a celebration for all people who love dogs. In Greece, a dog show is always organized with the help and under the supervision of the Kennel Club of Greece. Such events are often organized by the Kennel Club of Greece as well by local dog clubs, while the participating judges, owners, handlers, dogs may come from different parts of the country or abroad.

• Conformation dog shows are conducted in a similar way around the world under the supervision of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (F.C.I.), or the American Kennel Club (A.K.C.) in United States.

What is the purpose of a dog show?

• The main purpose of a dog show is to achieve and maintain a high quality or if you prefer high morphology level of the dogs, which undoubtedly results in prettier dogs with less behavioral problems but most importantly healthier dogs.

• During the presentation, the dog's behavior or if you prefer the psychological stability which is reflected in a civilized behavior is also evaluated in the dog show by the judges.

• The balanced psychological state of the dog in combination with the good morphology have an important role in the good state of health and therefore in the well-being of the dog, while at the same time these conditions effectively protect the owner of the dog from suffering, expenses or sorrows.

Who is the dog morphology exhibition aimed at?

• The dog morphology exhibition or conformation dog show is aimed at professionals, ordinary dog owners, of course the general public as at such an event one has the opportunity to see gathered many dog breeds at their best.

Are there conditions for presenting a dog in a conformation dog show?

Necessary conditions for participating and presenting a dog at a conformation dog show:
1. Possession of the dog's pedigree.
2. Good health of the dog.
3. Updated dog health booklet.

Dogs must be socialized and maintain good behavior during their presentation.
• It is also worth noting that the owners must take care of the cleanliness of the dogs.

• The dog entries are declared earlier to the dog club that is responsible for the event, in a reasonable period of time before the event, in order to take care of the relevant preparation: entries, information of judges, organization of travel - accommodation where required, track assistants , updating the list of participations, etc.

   • Contact us today. Find out how we can prepare you and your dog for participation in a dog show or take over the dog presentation on your behalf as a professional show dog handler.

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