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Working dog exams - dog sports preparation training and participation.

what are dog sports?

• The term dog sports refers to sports where we can participate together with our dog.

dog sports sports are an evolution of a fun occupation of some simple dog sport which could evolve to a level where the owner and the dog take part together in official working dog exams.

participation in dog working tests

• By participating in dog work exams you will obtain a corresponding certification for your dog, of course as long as proper preparation is done so that during the presentation of dog and handler, you can prove to the judges that you both have the necessary knowledge, techniques, abilities to participate in order to succed at work exams in order to obtain a rating in a certificate of the corresponding level of the corresponding dog sport.

working dog test
dog walking 
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who can participate in dog sports or working dog exams?

• Participation in the dog working exams with his owner is not excluded under any circumstances, however we offer the possibility for owners with the goal of training a dog of up to such a high level capable of responding to the corresponding dog working exams, to entrust us with the required dog training (preparation) as well as the participation (handler role) when participating in the working dog exams.

•This way the dog can receive a corresponding working dog test certification without the need for its owner to involved with the above process which certainly involves a significant investment in time and labor in order to reach the level where it will actually succeed to pass such exams alone.

Working dog exams - dog sports

• There are many types of working dog tests , some aimed at specific breeds, for example:

• CAL2 (is exclusively for Cane Corso)

• TORC (Test of Rottweiler Character) is exclusively for Rottweiler

rottweiler participation at working dog exams

• There are also dog work tests aimed at different breeds of dogs or half-breeds, as long as they have corresponding characteristics such as required body type, character.

• Such dog working tests are:



dog sports. Lona Raujter with Rottweiler

• In the video below you can see the first steps from dog training to an advanced level. his is the beginning of high level of basic dog training.
(Thessaloniki: 19-03-2014 || Duration: 3m25s)

how long does advanced dog training take?

advanced dog training with the aim of participating in dog working exams usually reaches or exceeds six months, while here I must note that the candidate competing dog should have previously passed the basic dog training.

Heel Walking (Rottweiler)

Heel Walking command Rottweiler

Working dogs competition: 3nd position with Rottweiler

Working dogs competition results. 3nd position, Lona Raujter with Rottweiler

Working dog certification

• So if you have a dog purebred or not, or you are just a dog owner interested in learning more about this aspect of dog training, if you think it's worth getting into dog sports as a professional, e.g. < strong> if you are a breeder of working dog breed , and you need a trainer with the necessary knowledge, able to undertake a corresponding preparation as well as participation in working dog exams on your behalf as dog handler - you will only have to win if you contact us to be informed about it.

Preparation for participation in our facilities, participation in dog work exams in Greece or abroad.

• The services related to preparation for participation in dog working exams are provided at our facilities in Thessaloniki , while the corresponding services for participation of a dog in conducting exams as a dog handler provided throughout the country or abroad.

• I suggest that you visit the VIDog Club in Thessaloniki. Here you will really see the way of preparation prociedure as well as the way of work of already trained dogs of various levels or breeds so that you can decide if we will eventually be the ones to train your dog to the desired working level.

Lona Raujter :
Working dog exams, dog sports
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