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Frequently asked questions, answers, advices, on topics that concern dog owners.

Does my dog need training?

• Make sure your dog learns everything he needs to know with proper training before the appropriate age passes. Find out what are the conditions for a harmonious coexistence with him, the problems you might face if you leave your dog untrained, the role of socialization, rules of proper behavior and socialization.

• There are many reasons why a dog needs to go through basic training. We will mention few of these reasons below:

• Sometimes it could become difficult or dangerous for one to live with an untrained dog in relation not only to the owner but with other people when they come into contact with him for example during a visit or a walk.

• An untrained dog, especially if it belongs to a large breed with developed guarding instincts, can be a great burden to its owner or family as it is very likely that it will constantly cause issues such as demonstration of aggression, disobedience or lack of communication.

• Often the degree of communication an owner has with an untrained dog will be insufficient to completely non-existent. During dog training a high degree of communication is developed by learning and using simple commands resulting in everyone being pleased. The owner because he will discover how happy and cooperative his dog can be, and the dog as it is a basic instinct for him to cooperate with the human and to help him. But how could he help a human without even knowing the way to communicate with him?

• The dog generally speaking comes from packs therefore without proper training it will logically consider that life among humans is governed by the rules of a pack. However, this leads to problems because of the dog's constant effort to become the leader of the pack, to conquer females when he believes they are members of his pack, to claim, to protect food with ferocity, etc. In any case, an untrained dog cannot easily find a proper place among the people.

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What is the right age for dog training?

• In most cases the age of six to eight months is considered appropriate to start training, while there are special classes for young puppies of three or four months. However, different factors play also a role, such as the breed, sex or character of each animal.

Regarding the timing of dog training in relation to its effectiveness, I would ask you to make a reasonable reduction in the timing of training that we humans choose to follow for our children. In the event that a human starts school after reaching adulthood, it is reasonable and expected that he will not have the same results.

Contact me in time and get a dog evaluation. Find out the most suitable age when your dog should start attending regular classes.

I have delayed to train my dog, but now that he's grown up I'm having problems. Can I do something about it?

• In general, I will repeat that it is preferable to follow an appropriate dog training program in time.

• Usually a dog can also be trained at an older age, however the results will often not be the same as if the training had been completed at an appropriate age.

• Important factors are also the degree of dog socialization until before the start of training, the general characteristics of the breed, gender and the dog's character.

What is the best dog breed??

• A better wording of the above question is: What is the best dog breed for me?

• Almost all dog breeds can be found all over the world. This only happens with the dog and the reason is that it always follows the human anywhere.

• According to recent data from the International Cynological Federation (F.C.I.), there are currently 356 recognized dog breeds. I also supplement, often with great differences between them. The reason is none other than the fact that people following selective breeding have always managed to isolate or support a group of dogs carring specific genetic characteristics ignoring or avoiding others when they wanted to eliminate them in order to finally stabilize each time a specific breed to bring expected characteristics covering in the best possible way specific needs of the human.

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