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Learn the profession of dog trainer.

•The dog trainer school VIDog Club is located in Thessaloniki and is open all year round for everyone. We provide you with essential knowledge to help you succeed as a professional dog trainer. With us you will get all the required experience and related techniques with the profession of dog trainer, however I will be completely honest with you from the beginning. If you intend to start a profession as a dog trainer seeing as an exclusive goal a financial gain it will be better for you not to get involved at all.

school for dog trainersdog trainers school at Thessaloniki

• Of course, the same applies, I believe, almost always, not only at my school when we refer to professional studies, but especially with regard to the profession of dog trainer, it is right to know from the beginning that it requires you to really love the dogs.

If before you decide to attend any dog trainer school you make sure that you truly enjoy the time you spend around dogs, you will have the opportunity to gain all the needed knowledge to become a successful professional dog trainer with substantial prospects, otherwise you risk simply losing out on presence time.

dog trainer school

• The dog trainer school aims to transfer knowledge responsibly to young people so that they can enter the dog trainer profession with the prospect of a serious, successful professional career.

• For our own school of dog trainers, the profession of dog trainers as it addresses living creatures must imply concepts such as seriousness, commitment, increased responsibilities.

• The dog perceives more than one initially thinks. As a rule, the dog expresses itself by showing that it perceives the presence of a human as a need, generously offering love, its true selfless friendship, joy and also protection for its family or home.

• The dog always instinctively seeks human presence, however through the eyes of a trainer it appears that it also instinctively learns to use his senses to evaluate and form a view of people, other animals or the environment, resulting in the development of a corresponding behavior.

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• The trainer's job is simplified as the dog's instincts lead him to cooperate with the human.

• However, a prospective dog trainer professional needs proper education, knowledge, techniques, communication methods or if you prefer, dog approach methods. These are the valuable resources offered to every prospective dog trainer by our dog traininers school.

The theoretical and practical courses are provided by the dog trainers school at our location in Thessaloniki.

• The available programs we offer to every prospective dog trainer:


dog trainer school in Thessaloniki Required attendance time - practice:
• 2 times per week x two hours
(4 hours/week)
• Program completion in 64 hours (4 months)

• Dog trainers practice level:


learning the dog trainer 
profession Required attendance time - practice:
• 4 times per week x four hours
(16 hours/week)
• Program completion in 96 hours (6 months)

• Dog trainers practice level:
★ ★

MEDIUM B ★ ★ ★ ★

professional dog trainer training with the program MEDIUM B Required attendance time - practice:
• 3 times per week x two hours
(6 hours/week)
• Dog trainer program completion in 144 hours (6 months)

• Dog trainers practice level:
★ ★ ★ ★

EXCLUSIVE ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

dog trainer work with the program EXCLUSIVE Required attendance time - practice:
• 4 times per week x three hours
(12 hours/week)
• Dog trainer program completion in 192 hours (4 months)

• Dog trainers practice level:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

   • So if you are interested in becoming a professional dog trainer come to the trainer school to discuss it. We will look together at alternative available suggestions regarding the way you can attend the professional dog trainers school so that we can find together whatever solution best suits to your lifestyle as well as your capabilities.

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