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Guard dog training. We train your dog as bodyguard or guard for home - facilities protection.

Protection training and guard dog instinctive behaviors

Protection dog training aims at the dog's understanding of the rules against of assessing a given potential threatening situation while at the same time he will be taught relevant ways and techniques of reaction in order to protect the owner, family and home if needed.

Without protection dog training a dog in case of having to face real conditions of threat or home invasion will express wrong behavior in most cases.

Protection dog training

• Especially if the dog belongs to large breeds destined to develop into watchdogs, it is likely to develop an instinctive behavior as a house guard or bodyguard even without training.

• There are two possible ways for an untrained dog to react towards a potensial threat. Driven by his instinct he may choose to do what he can to protect the owner the members he perceives as his family and his home or he will react by running away to avoid the problem.

• Reactions may vary slightly from one person to an other but for the majority of dogs without proper guard training they can be unhelpful, for example panicking, avoiding a problem by running away or limiting themselves to intense barking, or expressing themselves in uncontrollable or very dangerous behaviors such as for example displaing of disorderly conduct without rules of engagement possibly resulting in some serious injury to an alleged (by the dog) as intruder or aggressor.

Simulating an attack or home intrusion conditions - residential protection

• Your dog will gain experience by simulating real conditions of the presence of an attacker or intruder in his space.. Protection training will help the dog learn how to protect his family and home while clarifying in his mind when he is facing threatening conditions and when not. Also, the dog will gain better self-control, learn what it can do as a guard to protect its owners or its home in the most effective way.

• The bond that must already have developed between dog and owner, as with his living space, are decisive parameters for successful dog training as a guard.

• Of course there isn't anything that one can be expect from a dog if it has been abandoned behind a fence with an automatic feeder and little water barely enough to survive.

Training a dog in guarding dutiesGuard dog training

• It is worth mentioning that not all dogs are suitable candidates to be trained as bodyguards or guards of a house.

• In any case, the general characteristics of the dog breed, its behaviors and the capabilities of each dog must be evaluated, while we often see other important factors such as genetic predisposition at an individual level, the general state of his health perhaps even the way in which previous experiences have probably contributed to shaping the character of the dog.

Basic dog training comes first

Basic dog training of any dog precedes in any case the training of a dog in protection duties for safety reasons.

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