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dog socialization methods

Εvery dog needs social interaction

• The dog is similar to the human in many ways. Like any human any dog needs social interaction in order to maintain a calm, stable, low-anxiety character. We apply dog socialization methods with an individual or group approach. For example dogs participation in a dog socialization walk where your dog will have the chance to meet and socialize with other people and dogs.

dog socialization walk at Thessaloniki

• The dog must feel comfortable next to the human during a dog socialization walk as well as with the environment regardless of a specific space.

Snapshot of a meeting for dog socialization Thessaloniki

• The socialization of dogs by involving them in different daily social situations is the purpose of our related programs.

Dog Socialization | integration of dog into society

• We organize regular dog socialization group meetings with walks that focus on the goal of socializing your dog . During these sessions your dog will have the opportunity to meet other people and dogs in a controlled, safe environment under the supervision of experienced dog trainers.

• See footage of a dog socialization walk at Thessaloniki in the very short videos below.(duration: 0m27s):

Snapshots from a meeting of our team on a dog socialization walk at Thessaloniki. (duration: 0m57s):

Coffee time with the group always while improving the socialization of the dog in walking contexts where dog socialization becomes a fun process. || Thessaloniki.

Their first socialization walk

   • When the dogs take their first walks away from home they will definitely feel more anxiety and for this reason they will certainly have our greatest attention durring socialization walk with an emphasis on the safety of themselves as well as the group.

Dog socialization services are provided in Thessaloniki or Athens.

   • Contact VIDog Club, find out when will be organized the next dog socialization walk, join us and enjoy a few hours of fun with your dog at or near Thessaloniki.
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dog socialization
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